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  • C/ Club Nàutic 10/11, 17487 Empuriabrava
  • +34 972 453 622
  • Monday – Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm-6:00pm Saturday 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • C/ Club Nàutic 10/11, 17487 Empuriabrava
  • +34 972 453 622


Maintenance, surveillance & cleaning: opt for the Privilege Pack

At Privilege Yacht, a leading yachting company on the Costa Brava, we created our technical and customer service department to meet your needs directly. The Privilege Pack was created to respond to a basic requirement: to maintain, monitor and clean your boat so that it is in adequate conditions all year round and to avoid surprises. Over the years we have developed a unique Privilege Pack service, which we will always adapt to your boat and your lifestyle.
Throughout the year, with the Privilege Pack, you will benefit from monitoring adapted to the season and to your rhythm: control in case of bad weather, starting the heating before your arrival in winter, remove awnings in summer, and much more. Thus, we distinguish between maintenance, surveillance and cleaning.

Your boat always ready: cleaning

Essential for three reasons. First of all, the cleanliness of your boat is something very pleasant so that when you arrive the boat will be ready for its good use. Secondly, a boat that is well cared for and clean is a boat that will not deteriorate over time. Last but not least, by cleaning we see possible issues to be dealt with more thoroughly.

Your boat always ready: surveillance

Monitoring is of paramount importance. The vast majority, if not all our clients with a base port near our agency Privilege Yacht on the Costa Brava are thousands of kilometers away from the boat when they are not using it. Between the tramontana that blows one day and not the next, the increasingly frequent and heavy rainstorms, the passing of time on the resistance of the ropes… It is essential to have at your disposal a human surveillance system with the possibility to react immediately.

Your boat always ready: maintenance

The maintenance of a boat is the cornerstone to ensure that the boat is cared for in all its aspects (mechanical and aesthetic) and to avoid surprises. We will keep an eye on all the equipment for a good functionality of the boat and that everything is in order, such as the mandatory safety equipment or insurance, among other things. In addition, while carrying out the maintenance itself, we pay attention to the smallest details in order to notice any anomalies. If we notice an irregularity, we inform you as quickly as possible and notify the competent professional.

The Privilege Pack is a daily, monthly and annual service. The Privilege Pack is a service that adapts your lifestyle.

2 veces al mes · 2 fois par mois · Twice a month

  • Limpieza
  • Nettoyage
  • Cleaning
  • Secado
  • Séchage
  • Drying
  • Pulido inox
  • Lustrage inox
  • Inox polish

1 vez al mes · 1 fois par mois · Once a month

  • Arranque de motor(es)
  • Démarrage moteur(s)
  • Engine(s) start-up
  • Generador / WC / ...
  • Générateur / WC / ...
  • Generator / WC / ...
  • Control sistemas y sentinas
  • Check systèmes et cales
  • Systems and bilges check

Periodico · Periodique · When required

  • Abanderamiento y seguro *
  • Lettre de pavillon et assurance *
  • Registration and insurance *
  • Equipo de seguridad
  • Équipement de sécurité
  • Safety equipment
  • Vigilancia por mal tiempo
  • Vigilance par intempéries
  • Bad weather monitoring

* 1 vez al año · 1 fois par an · Once a year

¿Con ganas de llegar a bordo de un barco preparado?

Envie de mettre les pieds à bord d’un bateau opérationnel?

Fancy arriving to a ready-made boat?

  • Manténgase informado 24/7
  • Restez informé 24/7
  • Stay informed 24/7
  • Informe mensual con fotos
  • Rapports mensuels
  • Monthly reports with pictures
  • Pago mensual fijo
  • Une mensualité fixe
  • Fixed monthly payment

Cero compromiso · Zéro engagement · Zero commitment

Privilege Club: antifouling, polish, etc.

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